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What is the best treatment for rosacea?

metrogel is the newer product.

I tried it,

but have found the earler version of the same product,


works better for me.

Metrogel dried out my skin too much.

Check out back issues of the magazine Vegetarian Times:

in one issue they had a natural remedy for it,

using spices.

I can't vouch for it,

but keep telling myself to search it out

and give a shot to see if it works.

No doubt cheaper than any medication,

and possibly better for you.

Rosecea trivia: *

Bill Clinton has rosacea

W.C. Fields had an extreme case of rosacea. R.I.P.What is the best treatment for rosacea?
Metrogel, it is a topical gel that you put on your face. It will make it better in no time.
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  • What is the best treatment for rosacea?

    ive had rosacea for as long as i can remember and it only seems to be getting worse. i recently tried some of the zenmed products, but really didn't get very good results. ive read articles about all the triggers for rosacea, but it's kinda difficult to avoid alot of these things, but if anyone has any good treatments or whatever give me some feedbackWhat is the best treatment for rosacea?
    I don't think that rosacea triggers are too difficult to avoid. There is no miracle cream for rosacea. It's all about yourself. If you need to know more, you may check this article:;id=2283831What is the best treatment for rosacea?
    I suggest IPL (intense pulse laser/light) treatment for Rosacea....excellent results!

    Check out a professional skin care clinic.
    I have had Rosacea for 30 years and I use metrogel 2x a day..some times you need a dose of tetracycline to jump start the Metrogel..if it is a severe case the Dr. may put you on a daily low dose of tetracycline..Males have a tendency to develop a large bulbous nose..See your Dr. as it can be controlled.. not cured, but controlled..

    What is the best treatment for rosacea while pregnant?

    i stopped the bc pill and my rosacea flared up. what can i use and what are the best moisturizers that are very mild to help keep the redness to a minimum? please help :(What is the best treatment for rosacea while pregnant?
    i would try gold bond intensive moisture lotion it is one of the best out there good luck

    What is the best treatment for rosacea?

    I just need something that i can get from my local chemist.What is the best treatment for rosacea?

    What is the best treatment for rosacea?
    you know what, a doctor once told me that i could have rosacea, on my face, because it will turn red and itchy on my cheeks and around the nose. but she never gave me a medication prescription because she was a psychiatrist. Other doctors just say that i have seborrheic dermititis but it never heals completely. they say that there is no cure for that, it sucks because im really white.鈥?/a>
    See your doctor or dermatologist for the best advice.
    As my mum was a rosatia sufferer conceler is the best medicine.
    I have used metrogel; it works. Also, should stay away from spicy foods, alcohol, and out of sun!

    Rosacea Treatments?

    I've been diagnosed with Rosacea (I'm a 17yo female). I was given Prascion Cleanser (for redness), Oracea pill (for pimples and some help with redness), and Clindamycin 1% lotion (for pimples and some help with redness).

    I'm pretty confident that these products will get rid of the pimples in time. I also think they'll help the mild constant redness I've been experiencing, but I think I may need something for the rest of the redness and the annoying flushing I experience when I get hot.

    What products have you used for Rosacea? What worked for you? What didn't work for you? Thanks.Rosacea Treatments?
    The treatments you have been put on should greatly reduce the symptoms you are experiencing. People respond differently to medications. If the ones you were put on do not give you prompt relief, there are alternatives that can be used. It is very good that you doctor is using a double-pronged attack by using the usual topical treatments combined with an oral antibiotic which tends to work faster.

    If you continue to have the flushing experiences, your doctor can give you a medication that has proved effective at helping women going through menopause. The duration of your treatment depends on the type and severity of your symptoms, but typically you'll notice an improvement within one to two months. Because symptoms may recur if you stop taking medications, long-term regular treatment is often necessary.

    I have included a link to a great Mayo Clinic article about this condition. I suggest you read it for more information. Some excerpts are shown below. Good luck.


    Although there's no way to eliminate rosacea, effective treatment can relieve its signs and symptoms. Most often this requires a combination of prescription treatments and certain self-care measures on your part.

    Your doctor also may recommend certain moisturizers, soaps, sunscreens and other products to improve the health of your skin. If hot flashes appear to trigger your rosacea, you might ask your doctor what treatment options are available for the signs and symptoms of menopause.


    Doctors often prescribe topical antibiotics to treat rosacea, more for their anti-inflammatory properties than to kill bacteria. A common topical antibiotic prescribed is metronidazole (Metrocream, Metrogel, Noritate). Another prescription medication is azelaic acid (Azelex, Finacea), which reduces redness and inflammation.

    Oral antibiotics also are prescribed because they tend to work faster than topical ones. In many cases, dermatologists first prescribe both oral and topical antibiotics to lessen signs and symptoms, followed by long-term use of a topical antibiotic alone to maintain remission. Some of the most common prescription oral antibiotics include tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline and erythromycin.


    One of the most important things you can do is to minimize your exposure to anything that causes a flare-up. Because everyone is different, find out what factors affect you so that you can avoid them. Keeping a running list of your own flare-up triggers might help you identify the things that are a problem for you.

    Here are other suggestions for preventing flare-ups:

    Wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher to protect your face from the sun.

    Protect your face in the winter with a scarf or ski mask.

    Avoid irritating your facial skin by rubbing or touching it too much.

    Avoid facial products that contain alcohol or other skin irritants.

    When using moisturizer with a topical medication, apply the moisturizer after the medication has dried.

    Use products that are labeled noncomedogenic. These won't clog your oil and sweat gland openings (pores) as much.

    Avoid overheating.

    If you wear makeup, consider using green- or yellow-tinted pre-foundation creams and powders, because they're designed to counter skin redness.

    Avoid alcohol.Rosacea Treatments?
    There are so much more medicines available than when I was having problems with Rosacea! The only I used was cortizone type prescription meds, which worked great, but I wouldn't want you to put the steroids in your body is you didn't have to. Now this, I don't recommend to you at this point, but it might be something to look forward to later in life. My Rosacea totally went away with pregnancy.

    Does accutane help in the treatment of rosacea??

    Well, yes and no.

    Yes, because it treats several skin problems: Acne, Rosacea, Uneven Coloring otherwise...

    No, because the stuff has a tendency to make the body toxic against its-self. I used it for several months while I was on a ninety day commitment in a mental hospital-- which turned out to be more like six months-- and it DID help with the Rosacea. The problem was I had to be on a very strict diet, which I cannot remember exactly, but it was low sodium, and I had to have blood tests done frequently to make sure it wasn't doing me more harm than good. The othe part that sucked of it was, once I stopped taking the accutane (upon my release from the mental hospital), the Rosacea came back stronger than ever.

    I guess I'll wish you better luck than I had with it. I'll keep trying new stuff and giving opinions on it once I form them, if you're interested in hearing them. Accutane is an extreme skin irritant for me for about a month, before it started feeling more natural. Try to keep your skin moisturized to keep it healthy and to prevent it from coming off layers at a time. Don't over exert your skin, 'cause I heard a story about one guy whose skin tore because it lost its elasticity, but that's all it was, a story. I don't know if there's truth behind it. At any rate, good luck.Does accutane help in the treatment of rosacea??
    It can, but it is typically reserved for cases of rosacea that have not responded to other forms of treatment in patients that have oily skin. Low doses (perhaps 10mg) have been prescribed for rosacea by some dermatologists when other prescriptions like Finacea, Plexion, and oral antibiotics are not providing satisfactory results. Because rosacea is now understood to be an inflammatory skin disorder, Accutane can provide relief because it has anti-inflammatory properties -- however, it does tend to help only in those patients who also have oily skin.

    Accutane is more commonly considered in rosacea patients where there is also sebaceous hyperplasia (where oil glands rise to the surface of the skin) or where rhinophyma (disfigurement of the nose) is a potential concern. This is what's called an ';off-label'; use of the drug, but it is a valid use of Accutane.Does accutane help in the treatment of rosacea??
    No only acne
    Accutane works on overly active oil glands. Rosacea is not the same condition.

    Rosacea treatment by doctor?

    Can you be diagnosed and given medication for rosacea by a regular doctor if your health insurance doesn't cover dermatologists?Rosacea treatment by doctor?
    Yes -- request Finacea. In some medical studies, it has been proven to be more effective than MetroGel/MetroCream (one of the more commonly-prescribed medications) which many patients find unsatisfactory. If you also have acne along with your rosacea, a prescription wash called Plexion can be very helpful. Plexion wash is helpful for both acne and rosacea. Oral doxycycline (100mg 2x/day) is also helpful for rosacea (and for acne). Rosacea treatment by doctor?
    Yes. I'm sure your primary care physician will be able to prescribe you some of the more common treatments for Rosacea . I bet if you brought in some info on other medications s/he would be will to give those a try too since most Rosacea treatments aren't to tricky to treat with.

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